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Solid 9 Pro Shop

Rick Coy and Eric Clark have a wide variety of bowling accessories to help improve your game. Make an appointment to see how they can help you bowl your next strike! Call 217-306-5333

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Solid 9 Pro Shop

Solid 9 Pro Shop is ready to help you reach your bowling goals, whether that means getting a new ball, bag, or shoes. Rick can fit you with the right equipment for your game. Visit Rick Coy's website or make an appointment to see Rick Coy or Eric Clark at Solid 9 Pro Shop located inside Olde Bowl on Rt 48 in Taylorville.

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300 S Spresser St, Taylorville, IL 62568
+1 217-287-2695

About Us

Bob Wells purchased Ye Olde Bowl in 1975. The bowling alley was 20 years old then. Now over 50 years old, the Olde Bowl has seen a lot of changes.

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